Coeliac disease


celiac disease: An autoimmune genetic disorder with an unknown pattern of inheritance that primarily affects the digestive tract. It is caused by intolerance to dietary gluten. Consumption of gluten protein triggers an immune response which damages small intestinal villi and prevents adequate absorption of nutrients. Clinical signs include abdominal cramping, diarrhea or constipation and weight loss. If untreated, the clinical course may progress to malnutrition, anemia, osteoporosis and an increased risk of intestinal malignancies. However, the prognosis is favorable with successful avoidance of gluten in the diet.

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321302 individuals

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Hospital Discharge: ICD-10 K90.0
Hospital discharge: ICD-9 5790A
Hospital discharge: ICD-8 $!$
Cause of death: ICD-10 K90.0
Cause of death: ICD-9 5790A
Cause of death: ICD-8 $!$


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Extra metadata

Level in the ICD hierarchy 3
First used in FinnGen datafreeze DF2
Parent code in ICD-10 K90
Name in latin Coeliacia

Summary Statistics

Key figures

All Female Male
Number of individuals 2953 1975 978
Unadjusted prevalence (%) 0.96 1.14 0.72
Mean age at first event (years) 46.36 44.35 50.43


Follow-up Absolute risk HR [95% CI] p N
1998–2019 0.03 1.95 [1.28, 2.96] 1.8e-3 172
15 years 0.01 1.34 [0.90, 1.98] 1.5e-1 86
5 years 0.00 2.26 [1.48, 3.45] 1.5e-4 43
1 year 0.00 6.39 [3.77, 10.83] 5.3e-12 23

Age distribution of first events

Year distribution of first events

Cumulative Incidence


Index endpoint: K11_COELIAC – Coeliac disease
GWS hits: 16

Survival analyses between endpoints


before Coeliac disease
after Coeliac disease

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